For the last decade, Asia has been the central of world’s economy engine for growth. With the largest concentration of population on earth, Asia indeed is the biggest market in the world which at the same time has become one of the most competitive business environments. The emergence of ASEAN Economic Community has eliminated so many barriers hence the economy activities are expected to get even more dynamic in the region.

New small businesses flourish but at the end many of them were found not sustainable though they had tried their best. Good products, excellent services, and so on are no longer sufficient to achieve sustainability. There more than just those factors that should take place, that is how far companies could maintain its start-up mentality though they are growing bigger from time to time. This mentality includes the level of entrepreneurship shown by the management, how to consistently maintain high level of productivity, and of course how to ensure strong existence of creativity.

This 4th Asian SME Conference will focus the discussion around those issues by referring to several economy context—factor-, efficiency-, and innovation-driven—and featuring relevant panelists from various Asian countries to share their insightful thoughts. This conference will also be equipped with a well-designed industrial visit and field trip.

1.Academics from Local and ICSB World Members
2.Industry players
3.Governments from 34 provinces in Indonesia and supported by the Ministry of Cooperative and SME of the Republic of Indonesia
4.Owners & Founders of SME
5.Business profesionals
6.University students