About ACSB 2016: Jakarta, Indonesia

For the past decade, various Asian countries have served as major influential forces in the global international economy. Hosting some of the world’s largest concentrated populations, Asia has developed into an economic power house and is home to various mega-billion dollar industries and an inexplicable amount of small to medium sized businesses. But these SMEs can no longer get by with merely “good products and service”. The concept of a great idea and product is not enough to achieve long term sustainability and progressive growth.

This years ACSB Asian SME Conference will be directly addressing and tackling these issues and will seek to encourage discussion and ultimately, solutions to further SME growth in the ever expanding, rapidly growing, Asian economies. Featuring 17 of some of the worlds top leading researchers, political officials, and entrepreneurs, ACSB 2016 will be a time of networking, discussion, and academic presentation and education. With accommodations at the five-star Park Lane Hotel, and the beautiful technological sophistication of Jakarta, activities and opportunities to experience Indonesian culture will be limitless. This conference is open to entrepreneurs, startup businesses, university students, academics, and political officials. With a great opportunity to educate, experience and engage, ACSB 2016 is not something to be missed! REGISTER TODAY! 


ACSB 2016 is a platform for…

Discussing Academic Research

At the annual conference, distinguished scholars exchange best practice information and engage in meaningful and exciting discussions regarding the current and future path of SMEs.

Discussing Business Ideas

Enabling the private sector with firms investing, creating jobs and improving productivity is a critical element to sustaining the long-term economic growth of developing countries.

Discussing Industry Policies

ACSB intends to deliver long-term strategic plans for the growth and development of a vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sector in the Asia-Pacific region.


I think about the reason why we are here. The Mission of ACSB is to urge us to come together.

What is Mission? Mission means “Why do I exist?” Mission is the reason of existence.

What is ACSB’s Mission? We encourage more entrepreneurs to create something new, something different, something more valuable than before in Asia and around the world.

What is Vision? Vision means “What do I want to be?”

What is the Vision of ACSB? We want to make SMEs strong. How can we make SMEs strong?

SMEs are small, but SMEs with entrepreneurship can be strong.

What is Healthy Business Ecosystem? Healthy business ecosystem is business ecosystem, of entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Then ACSB’s mission, vision will be realized through entrepreneurship in Asia, furthermore, in the world.

“ACSB intends to deliver long-term strategic plans for the growth and development of a vibrant SME sector in the Asia-Pacific Region.”

Dr. Ki-Chan Kim

President (2014-15), ACSB


The 4th Asian SME Conference 2016

Entrepreneurship . Productivity . Creativity

SEPTEMBER 13-17, 2016

This 4th Asian SME Conference will focus the discussion around those issues by referring to several economy context—factor-, efficiency-, and innovation-driven—and featuring relevant panelists from various Asian countries to share their insightful thoughts. This conference will also be equipped with a well-designed industrial visit and field trip.

Call for paper announcement: 1 June 2016
Deadline of short paper (up to 6 pages) submission: 15 July 2016
Announcement of the accepted papers: 1 August 2016
Camera Ready paper and early bird registration deadline: 20 August 2016
Note: Do only extended abstracts (6 pages maximum).

For more detail please contact:

Catharina B. Nawangpalupi, Ph.D
VP Research of ICSB Indonesia
Email: cnawangpalupi@gmail.com



Call for Nominations: ACSB 2016 Awards

The ACSB Best Policy Award is a new prize created by Asia Council for Small Business (ACSB) to honor outstanding SME policies. ACSB is pleased to announce that the ACSB Best Policy Award of The Year will be announced at the 2016 ACSB conference in Jakarta, Indonesia. The content of the acknowledged policies will be presented at the special forum held during the 2016 ACSB conference. Click the link below for more information!